5.7x5.7x5.5 cm biodegradable seedling tray - 150 cells

5.7x5.7x5.5 cm biodegradable seedling tray - 150 cells 5.7x5.7x5.5 cm biodegradable seedling tray - 150 cells 5.7x5.7x5.5 cm biodegradable seedling tray - 150 cells
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The HORTOSOL biodegradable seedling trays are ideal for sowing seeds and cultivating cuttings. They just make cultivating so much easier because the usual pricking out is in the past. The 5.7x5.7x5.5 cm pot cells are especially designed for use with the HORTOSOL indoor greenhouse 56x32x21 cm.

Sustainable manufacturing
The HORTOSOL seedling trays are made from sustainable wood fibers and are biodegradable. The biogenic HORTOSOL seedling trays are therefore also ideal for organic gardening. For production, wood fibers are shredded and first poured into a mold in a flowable mass and afterwards pressed. The subsequent drying process in the oven ensures the required strength and sterility of the seedling trays.

Healthy plant growth
Many plants do not like injuries to the young roots. Those often occur when pricking out plants conventionally. Thanks to the HORTOSOL seedling trays this problem is avoided. The seedling trays are made of wood fibers and are designed to reduce their strength over the course of cultivation. This allows the plant to root through the pot wall, so that it can be easily transplanted together with the seed pot. Since the roots are not injured, this ensures healthier and faster growth. In the further course, there is also a positive effect on the microorganisms, as they are stimulated to decompose the seed pot and soil is finally formed from it.

Positive resource conservation
For hobby gardeners and especially commercial growers, the disposal of unusable plastic seedling trays is an increasing problem. Thanks to the biodegradable HORTOSOL seedling trays, it is no longer required to dispose of seedling trays and as a result no plastic waste occurs.

Pot cell outside dimensions: 5.7x5.7x5.5 cm (LxWxH)

Pot cell inside dimensions: 5x5x5 cm (LxWxH)

Pot cell capacity: 80 cm³

Pot cell shape: rectangular

Pot cells per tray: 6 pieces

Tray dimensions: 17.3x12x5.5 cm (LxWxH)

Material: wood fibre, 100% peat-free

Biodegradable: Yes

Quantity: 25 Trays = 150 Cells

Compatible for:
- HORTOSOL XXL propagator 56x32x21 cm - EAN 4260398560296
- HORTOSOL 30w XXL heated propagator 56x32x21 cm - EAN 4260398560326

Manufacturer: HORTOSOL

Information on the formation of mold and fungi
Despite the germ-free growing pots, mold and fungi can develop as a result of the interaction of microorganisms, soil, heat and too much moisture. To prevent this, the following must be observed
- adequate ventilation
- high-quality soil
- moderate humidity

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